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My wife and I have always had a fantastic sex life and always had a visit to a swingers club 'at some point, just to see how it looks and flies on the wall, so to speak, talk. We decided not to stay in place and visited a club of about 100 miles away, with a stopover hotel. My wife likes to be dominated - and sometimes - and be so nasty submissive to me when you complete control of his we arrived at the club and were surprised at how many people were there, not in consideration fascinated the world ! You play a lot, sucking, fucking, etc, and it was great to see both ! we have so on, find a corner for us and began to undress, some playing to our own. we were both naked and sucks cock Julie if I have an older man ( 50s ) saw both of us realized. When I saw asked me if we see it and waved the tail of mind and we both agreed with this. I looked at Jules and seemed happy, so its activity. The closerand we have, the 18onlygirls harder and more are coming, until they reach and maintain Jules, who saw his cock to make me feel. Now this is something we've never discussed in real terms, but man, it became so hot! She had a mouth full of me and a handful of men who never met before and I loved the three of us every bit of it! N I guess you could say we were a little worried, and listened, asked if he had done before - and the response was more than evident to him, no! Being asked if I want to take control, because it was not the first and we agreed, can be a good idea. He sat on the floor and my wife 18onlygirls said that my cock in her mouth. I got between his lips, and when I looked down I saw her head between her thighs, the long tongue into her pussy very wet. She shrugged at first, but I could tell, she began to enjoy all this very quickly through the mouth, sucking me deeper than it would ever take me before - which of course LOVEd! After no more than a minute I heard a deep moan as she began to cum - hard! He looked wet mouth and said it is 18onlygirls time to fuck his new wife. I wanted to go with her, but she was desperate to feel this new cock inside her age. She straddled him as he lay on the floor and I brought my cock from her mouth, she said, and I should see how they love a new queue. I sat on the floor beside them as they mount a man whose name did not even know it began. He looked at me and asked me if my wife on the pill, 18onlygirls so I said yes, he said, is a good job when he went to fill in your lap while I see shit I sat stroking me to see and a few others here too - - tail as Jules was all about this strange tug running, over what is seen in our 18 years of marriage! He pulled his cock from her and as we all saw that shine, drenched in her juices, he said, is tested when the thickness of the tail. She went backNo one. instant and swallowed as much as he could clean your body warm milk before he turned to his knees, he extended his range and lined his cock in turn before he is pumping hard, fast and deep it. He did it for what seemed an eternity before he started to growl, and I could tell, he shot jet after jet of 18onlygirls hot cum deep in my beautiful wife and lover. He pulled his cock from her again and she was cleaning - something they have to be very busy, I have to add! After cleaning and began to soften his tail, he turned to me and told me I was free to use as I wanted now. I rode her chest, stay away from where you can take your milk and my balls emptied in seconds within all throbbing, seen apparently enjoyed by all! What 18onlygirls experience do Darren - - which is a very pleasant and interesting appeared after cleaning before coming to our new friend in the chat. We explained our dom / sub thing, and he asked if we likand to meet him, but 18onlygirls only three of us one night. We talked together, as he entered the bar and agreed that you could try - after all, we had a great night as do not know if there will be 18onlygirls a great interest and many comments, but be happy, if you want? Comments are certainly a good and happy to know what you think Andy
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